Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #269

The space-traveling Firelord chances on Earth and decides to stop for a visit. Aunt May tries to convince Peter to return to graduate school as Firelord crashes into Tony’s Pizza demanding a feast. Willie, a construction worker watching an anti-mutant report on Tony’s TV, mistakes Firelord for a mutant and rallies his fellow hard-hats. Nathan, berating Peter for mistreating his aunt, is spotted by a man who’s been looking for him. Willie and friends blast Firelord with a fire hose, angering him. Spider-Man rescues one worker from a fire-blast, but Firelord attacks the surrounding neighborhood. Spider-Man captures Firelord’s Firestaff, but it is only a channeling device for his power. Spidey then delays him by tossing the Firestaff into the East River. Seeking the Fantastic Four, he hurries toward the Baxter Building, belatedly remembering it was destroyed weeks before. Briefly considering flight, Spidey can’t shirk the responsibility and swings back to face Firelord.

Amazing Spider-Man

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