Marvel Comics ‘Damage Control’ Adapted As Comedy TV Series By ABC

Marvel issues ’Damage Control’ to clean up superhero-sized messes

Have you ever wondered what happens after the Avengers swoop in and save the day? While the heroes pack it up and go have shawarma in the ruins of the city to celebrate their victory and/or contemplate how close they came to death, SOMEONE has to get out the shovels and wrecking balls.

That someone is Damage Control.

Marvel issues ’Damage Control’ to clean up superhero-sized messes

And now the quirky little team that’s been kicking around Marvel comics in one form or another since 1989 is getting their own comedy sitcom on ABC. Damage Control was there to pick up the pieces — among other contracted government work — in CIVIL WAR. As recently as 2008 the team popped up, this time in a limited-run series called WORLD WAR HULK AFTERSMASH: DAMAGE CONTROL.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Marvel has shopped the comedy to ABC, who ordered a script and put-pilot for a single-cam half hour show. Unlike the take on the corruption behind the gentrification of Hell’s Kitchen in the wake of the Avengers’ battle in “Daredevil,” “Damage Control” is set to be a comedy.

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