Dog Eaters #1
Dog Eaters 1 Antarctic Press

Dog Eaters #1 (Antarctic Press)

Dog Eaters #1 from Antarctic Press by Malcolm Wong and Guillermo A. Angel hit the shelves this week for New Comic Book Day. Unlike the “Big” new title Undiscovered Country there is only one cover to pick up as opposed to twenty-four different variants. Both titles deal with dystopian futures and both have a kind of “The world has gone to crap” vibe.

Well, one hundred and seventy years after the end of the Petroleum Age, over 9/10th of the World’s Population ceases to exist in the events known as “The Die Off” in Dog Eaters. We meet the caravan of the Black Dog Clan, led by Lamont Black Dog. They are currently traveling the trade route between the casino-cities of the American South West on their way to the Gulf. During an ambush, they rescue Bevan, a Northern Tribesman who catches the eye of Lamont’s daughter Tracy.

Lamont is the Big Dog that unsurprisingly chooses a younger girl turning his first wife into the scorned woman. His new, younger wife’s suitors are also going to cause trouble in this close-knit group. Young Tracy’s infatuation with the mysterious and cool Bevan also feels forced and a source of future conflict. The art is a catchy mix of Manga/Indy styles that looks and feels rough and unfinished. Mad Max meets Cannonball run if drawn in Japan perhaps? I really can’t say that anything about this story or the art interests me enough to check out Issue #2.

Antarctic Press logo “AP Comics are Cool” seems to fit other titles that they are publishing like “Rags” or “BADASS” (Bureau of Alien Detection and Supernatural Sighting). Most of the titles in the back promotional pages look interesting and, well Badass, but Dog Eaters is neither memorable nor original. Likely I’ll find this issue in a few years and wonder why I bought it.

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