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Serpent Society
Serpent Society

Serpent Society (Earth-616)

The Serpent Society is a business enterprise of criminals and mercenaries whose costumed identities are based on snakes. The Society remains one of the best-organized, most successful coalitions of criminals in operation today. The society is the brainchild of Seth Voelker, alias the Sidewinder, who was inspired by three previous coalitions of snake-themed criminals, each named the Serpent Squad.

Members Below

Asp – (Cleo Nefertiti), earned her reputation as an exotic dancer, being able to charm snakes with her sensual movements. Her ability to generate blasts of energy that caused paralysis intrigued the leader of the Serpent Society, Sidewinder, and he invited her to join the group.

Anaconda – (Blanche Sitznski), was bio-engineered by Roxxon’s Mutagenics Division to have various permanent serpentine features. Her skeleton was laced with an artificial adamantium, giving her the ability to elongate her arms and legs, which she uses to constrict her enemies. She has also been surgically provided gills so she can breathe underwater.

Black Mamba – (Tanya Sealy), was an ex-call girl, chosen by the Roxxon Oil Company to partake in a covert operation to retrieve the mystical Serpent Crown. Roxxon surgically implanted a special component in her brain which enables her slight telepathic abilities. She also projects a cloud of energy known as darkforce.

Black Racer – (Ariana Saddiqi), has the power of super speed. Black Racer first joined the fourth Serpent Squad, robbing a casino in Las Vegas.

Boomslang – (Marc Riemer), Australian criminal Boomslang was ordered by the Viper to infiltrate the Serpent Society. Boomslang throws snake-shaped sickles he calls his “serpent-rangs”.

Bushmaster – (Quincy McIver), became a quadruple amputee when he lost his arms and legs in a boating accident while trying to evade the police underwater. Shortly later, the Roxxon Oil Company equipped him with bionic arms and a snake-like tail in the place of the lower half of his body.

Coachwhip – (Beatrix Keener), Coachwhip invaded the Serpent Society with several colleagues in a plot to overthrow its leader Sidewinder and have Viper assume leadership. Coachwhip is highly skilled in the use of whips in combat.

Cobra – (Pete Voorhees), the nephew of King Cobra.

Copperhead – (Davis Lawfers), wears a suit of armor that is equipped with weaponry and affords him some degree of protection. Copperhead was ordered by the Viper to infiltrate the Serpent Society.

Cottonmouth – (Burchell Clemens), Cottonmouth’s bionic jaw can dislocate far enough to fit a human head, and possesses sufficient strength to deform soft iron and crush cinderblock.

Death Adder – (Theodore Scott), inheritor of the original Death Adder’s mantle and equipment.

Eel – (Edward Lavell), inheritor of the original Eel’s mantle and equipment.

Fer-de-Lance – (Teresa Vasquez), Fer-de-Lance is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of sharp weapons, including her talons.

King Cobra – (Klaus Voorhees), was mutagenically altered via radiated snake venom. Very flexible and slithery body, superhuman athletic abilities and wall crawling. King Cobra was originally called Cobra.

Princess Python – (Zelda DuBois), a woman with a pet python that was longer than normal.

Puff Adder – (Gordon Fraley), is a mutant with bloating abilities and acid spit.
Rattler – (Gustav Krueger), was given a bionic tail which he uses to create shockwaves and vibrations.

Rock Python – (M’Gula), is citizen of Rudyarda in Africa probably a mutant, and worked as a mercenary. His skin, muscular tissue, and bones are superhumanly durable. His body is sufficiently durable to resist the impacts of high calibre firearms.

Sidewinder – (Gregory Bryan), inheritor of the original Sidewinder’s mantle and equipment.

Viper – (Jordan Dixon), former advertising executive who apparently crawled his way out of Hell to reinvent the Society as the new Serpent Solutions.