Green Lantern #150 Newstand Edition (@DCComics)

Green Lantern #150 Newstand Edition

Green Lantern #150 – From Qward With Hate! / Meanwhile… released by DC Comics on March 1982

Double-Sized 52-page giant. 150th Anniversary Issue. “From Qward With Hate.” The Guardians tell Green Lantern to leave Earth to serve other planets until he serves penance. The Qwardians, using St’nlli’s power, make Hal Jordan serve their cause.
Script by Marv Wolfman, pencils by Joe Staton, inks by Mike DeCarlo.

“Meanwhile.” Carl and Carol Ferris and their pals fight back against the Bloch brothers.
Script by Wolfman, art by Staton. Cover by Staton and Mike DeCarlo.