Cheat(er) Code
A Sexy Jaunt Through Relationship Statuses App Dating and Video Games Coming Fall 2020

Taking on doomed relationships and video games at the same time, Oni Press is pleased to announce the fall release date for Cheat(er) Code, the latest from the Limerence Press imprint, in September 2020. 

At its core, Cheat(er) Code is more than just a fun adventure story through a series of vaguely familiar video game lands as it follows Kennedy, a young man, as he navigates what he needs to heal a broken heart. A long-time comics enthusiast and geek, author S. A. Foxe had a plan in place from the start. “My goal with the book was always to write something in the vein of Shortbus, with plenty of fun, funny, titillating sex, but a real emotional undercurrent and worthwhile story to prop up the bonking. And to be able to do that while paying tribute to the video games that defined my nerdy gay generation is the pixilated cherry on top.”

Kennedy and his boyfriend Seth have been together six years, that is, until the couple gets into a huge, potentially relationship-changing fight. Kennedy turns to his trusty video games to distract himself, but when a random power surge hits, he’s transported inside his video game library and quickly Ken finds himself seduced by a silver daddy, rutting with a couple of barbarians from an epic fantasy, and sorting through a lot of confusing feelings about his favorite anthropomorphic cheetah character. Kennedy will need to confront his biggest fears to get back to reality before the game glitches him out of existence, but sometimes, the unexpected (and unexpectedly sexy) is just what you need to hit the reset button.

About the opportunity to work on this project, illustrator Daz commented, “It was both fun and fulfilling for me to draw and yet also challenging in so many levels to make sure my work captured the humor and the emotional heart of S.A.’s story.”
An erotic graphic novel that pushes all the right buttons, Cheat(er) Code is a hilarious, sexy, and surprisingly tender story about navigating heartbreak and rediscovering your own confidence.

Cheat(er) Code is the kind of erotica you’ll be sneak-reading on the train because you can’t put it down. Hilarious and heartwarming, it’s an absolute must for your favorite gaymer and an incredible read for anyone who’s ever console-d themselves through a heartbreak.”—Tini Howard

Cheat(er) Code will be available in stores and online September 22, 2020.

About the Creators

S. A. Foxe is the fancy initialed nom de plume for Steve Foxe, who writes and edits a bunch of comics and kids books. He lives in Queens, where he tweets about comics, scary movies, his boyfriend, and their dog at @steve_foxe.
Daz a.k.a. Daryl Toh is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist who lives in Malaysia. When he’s not drawing full-time or conjuring the dead, he can be a pretty decent part-time babysitter. You can find most of his work on Instagram at @tohdraws.
Harry Otterman is the pen name of letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. He previously worked on The Black Mage.