Sacred Six #1 (@DynamiteComics) – New Comics

Sacred Six #1 (Dynamite Comics) - New Comics

Sacred Six #1 – New Comics

Four women are lured to rural Georgia as part of a mysterious scheme to defend an impoverished farming town which finds itself under siege by zealots. But this isn’t just any impoverished farming town, and these aren’t just any four women. The all-new Draculina, Pantha, Nyx, and Chastity have been brought together in Ashthorne in an effort to avert all-out war against nearby Sacred,
Georgia. But Ashthorne has a deadly secret, Sacred has a deadly purpose, and lurking in the shadows is Lilith, the immortal sorceress and mother to Vampirella.
Written by Vampirella’s own Christopher Priest, drawn by Gabriel Ibarra in his mainstream debut, and featuring a special contribution by superstar Jae Lee.

Christopher Priest

Gabriel Ibarra, Jae Lee

Covers: Jae Lee (A), José Ladronn (B), Lucio Parrillo (C), Meghan Hetrick (D)
Rod Reis (E), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI/BW)
Lucio Parrillo (RI/BW), Jae Lee (RI/BW), Jae Lee (RI/BW Virgin)
Mark Texeira Icon Incentive (RI)

Publisher: Dynamite

Release July,15,2020

FC | 32 pages | Horror/Mystery | $3.99 | Teen+

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