Superman Aliens 2: God War #1 released by DC Comics on May 2002

Superman Aliens 2: God War #1 released by Dark Horse/DC Comics on May 2002

Superman/Aliens II: God War was a sequel to 1995’s Superman vs. Aliens.

Superman vs. Aliens II: God War, originally titled Superman/Aliens II: God War and also known as Superman/Aliens 2: God War, is a four-issue limited crossover comic book series that was first published by DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics from May-December 2002. It was written by Chuck Dixon, pencilled Jon Bogdanove, inked Kevin Nowlan, colored by David Stewart, lettered by Pat Brosseau, and edited by Philip Amara, Eddie Berganza, Tom Palmer, Jr., Philip R. Simon and Scott Allie, with cover art by Bogdanove and Nowlan.