What If

What If? #25 – What If Thor Fought Odin Over Jane Foster? released by Marvel on February 198

Publisher – Marvel

When Thor chose Jane Foster as his true love and companion, he attempted to bring her to Asgard to integrate her into his world of gods and legends. Odin found Jane wanting, and sent her away, leaving Thor torn between Earth and Asgard for years to come. This story imagines what might have happened if Thor had taken a stand against his father on Jane’s behalf, but sadly, it’s not exactly the love story you might have been hoping for.

In a world where Thor refused to abide by Odin’s ploy to remove Jane Foster from his life by offering her godhood but setting her up to fail her test for worthiness, Odin reacts by banishing both Thor and Jane back to Earth, though they retain their immortal forms. Believing Odin to be possessed by madness, Thor enlists the Avengers, Vizier, the Warriors Three, and many other sympathetic Asgardians to fight against him. Odin, knowing the conflict to be a distasteful one, brings in Loki, Enchantress, and Executioner to fight it for him. Balder, though conflicted, is compelled to side with Odin by his unwavering loyalty.