Invasion! (1989) DC Comics

Invasion! – 1989 DC Comics event

Invasion! was a massive crossover event in the DC Universe published in 1989, plotted by Keith Giffen. It features a massive Alien Alliance led by the war-like Dominators and Khunds intent on wiping out humanity to destroy all of Earth’s metahumans. This all-out assault on superheroes led to a war consuming the entire world, and ramifications throughout the universe. The story was primarily published in three core issues, with tie-ins appearing in all regular monthly titles at the time.

The Dominators have forged an uneasy alliance with the Khund, the Warlords of Okaara, the Daxamites, the Psions, the Gil’Dishpan, Thanagarians, the Citadel and the Spider Guild. While cleansing their own races, the ultimate goal of this alliance is the conquest of Earth and the eradication of the planet’s unique indigenous super-heroes!