Harbinger #1(Valiant Entertainment) Preview

The Harbinger #1(Valiant Entertainment) Preview

Can you make the world better if you can’t be better?
A telepath with no memory. A city of superpowered teenagers suppressed.
Redemption. Destruction. Rebirth. A new era of HARBINGER begins here.

Collin Kelly
Jackson Lanzing

Robbi Rodriguez


Release Date‎
October 27, 2021

Harbinger is a title with a long history for Valiant Entertainment. As part of the first wave of releases for both the original 1990s and revived 2010s incarnations of the comic book publisher, it’s been at the center of Valiant’s shared universe of storytelling from the start. Next year, the series returns with new focus and new ambition.

The slightly retitled The Harbinger will be written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (IDW’s Star Trek: Year Five, DC’s Gotham City Garage), with artwork from Robbi Rodriguez (Marvel’s Spider-Gwen, DC’s Goddess Mode), and will pick up the story of Peter Stanchek — one of the most powerful psionics in the Valiant Universe, as well as one of the most reckless — after the events of the earlier Harbinger and Harbinger: Renegades series.