Power Man and Iron Fist #67 (Marvel)

Power Man and Iron Fist #67 (Marvel)
Power Man and Iron Fist 67 Power Men released by Marvel on February 1 1981

Power Man and Iron Fist (1978) #67

Cover Art by: Frank Miller

Bushmaster kidnaps Luke Cage after discovering a way to reverse his powers! Iron Fist must solve his partner’s disappearance and save Power Man before any experiment is conducted. Iron Fist vs. Weird Science!

Luke Cage is missing and Iron Fist must find him before the diabolical plans of an old enemy come to fruition. Plus, witness Power Man, the man with the diamond-hard skin, bleed.

Jo Duffy
Bob Layton

Kerry Gammill

Ricardo Villamonte

Ben Sean

Jim Novak

Dennis O’Neil

Publisher – Marvel