X-Men: Messiah Complex #1

X-Men: Messiah Complex #1 – Messiah Complex: Chapter One released by Marvel on December 2007

The biggest event to hit the X-Men in ten years is here! Superstars Ed Brubaker (UNCANNY X-MEN, CAPTAIN AMERICA) and Marc Silvestri (UNCANNY X-MEN, NEW X-MEN) bring you the first chapter of the story that fans will be talking about for years.

Just when it looked like there was no possibility of a future for mutants, hope arrives. But the X-Men aren’t there to meet it—The Marauders and Purifiers beat them to it.

Now the race is on to get the first new mutant since HOUSE OF M!

The story that begins here continues through all the X-Men books. Don’t miss it!

Professor X locates the birth of a new Mutant in the small town of Cooperstown, Alaska. This birth marks a milestone because it is the first mutant child born since the Scarlet Witch de-powered over 90% of the worlds mutant population on M-Day. The instant loss of millions of mutants made mutant kind an endangered species, the mutant X-Gene being “erased” from those who were de-powered (including all stored samples of mutant DNA), as well as no other mutant children having been born since.

The birth of the mutant occured while Professor X was discussing the mutant crisis with Beast and searching out all current mutants with Cerebro. The psychic feedback resulting from the mutants birth overloaded both Professor X’s brain as well as Cerebro, frying the powerful computer. It also caused a power surge within the mansion which caused all lights within the mansion to explode and power to be lost. An event of such importance would surely get the attention of others, and Xavier quickly gathered a small group of experienced X-Men to travel to Alaska in the Blackbird. The team consisted of Angel, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Emma Frost, and Cyclops. When they arrived in Cooperstown they found the town burning and virtually all of its inhabitants either dead or wounded.

While trying to rescue the remaining inhabitants and piece together exactly what had transpired the X-Men found the dead bodies of several Purifiers as well as the shattered body of the Prism. Emma Frost scanned the mind of one of the survivors to discover that the Purafiers had been dispatched to kill all children of the town in order to make sure that they had killed the new mutant. Sinister’s Marauders, including former X-Men Gambit and Sunfire stopped the Purafiers and left to locate the new mutant. It was then that the X-Men learned that the new mutant was just born rather than a teenager. This confusion is expected as mutant powers typically manifest around puberty, not from birth. The X-Men departed Alaska to plan their next move, not knowing that the geneticaly-engineered mutant hunting monstor Predator X just arrived in Cooperstown. Predator X was created to hunt and feed upon powerful mutants, and it is hungy for the new child.