Disney Villains: Hades #2

Disney Villains: Hades #2 (Dynamite Comics)

The infamous Labyrinth — a creepy, scary place where the gigantic Minotaur of Crete is imprisoned. So why are Hades, Arachne, Orpheus, and Icarus sneaking into such a forbidding place? To try and convince the Minotaur to join their group, of course! The furious Minotaur is (unsurprisingly) furious, and the only thing that can quell said fury is… wait a minute, this can’t be right… a cookie!?!

Writer ELLIOTT KALAN (The Daily Show) and artist ALESSANDRO RANALDI (Vampirella vs. Red Sonja) take the bull by the horns in this second chapter of their inspired voyage through Greek mythology — all adorned with classical covers from KAREN S. DARBOE, JAE LEE, TRISH FORSTNER, FRANCESCO TOMASELLI, and more!

Writer: Elliott Kalan
Artist: Alessandro Ranaldi
Covers: Karen S. Darboe (A), Jae Lee (B), Trish Forstner (C), Francesco Tomaselli (D), Action Figure (E)
FC | 32 pages | Adventure | $3.99 | All Ages

In Stores September 20, 2023

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