Skaar (October 24, 2007) This Day In Comics

Skaar is the son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong. He was conceived during the Hulk’s time on Caiera’s home planet of Sakaar. Following the Hulk’s departure from the planet, Skaar emerged from a cocoon with the appearance and age equivalency of a human preteen. He matured rapidly, achieving a teenage appearance in just one year.

Soon after, Skaar developed the appearance and intelligence of a full-grown adult. To survive, Skaar learned the need to kill as part of his upbringing by the savage creatures of his home planet. He demonstrates himself to be a fierce and capable general, becoming the enemy of Axeman Bone. He later gains the power of the stone-based “Old Power”, which allow him to draw energy from the planet itself. 

Skaar first appeared in What If? Planet Hulk #1 (October 24, 2007)