NEGADUCK #3 (@DynamiteComics) New Comics

NEGADUCK #3 (Dynamite) New Comics

NEGADUCK #3 (Dynamite) New Comics

The rest of The Fearsome Five tremble in awe at their leader, who now wields a glove with the power to turn anything he touches into gold! Negaduck, of course, uses these stolen powers with all of the wisdom and responsibility you’d expect from the most evil villain in multiple universes.

Glittering talents JEFF PARKER and CIRO CANGIALOSI are further enriched by 24-karat cover artists JAE LEE, DREW MOSS, and TRISH FORSTNER to make this treasure trove of a title truly sparkle!

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Ciro Cangialosi
Covers: Jae Lee (A), Drew Moss (B), Trish Forstner (C), Ciro Cangialosi (D), Action Figure (E)
Publisher Dynamite

FC | 32 pages | Adventure | $3.99 | All Ages