Avengers West Coast #65 (Marvel) Cover

Avengers West Coast #65 - Whatsoever A Man Soweth... released by Marvel on December 1990
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Avengers West Coast #65 – Whatsoever A Man Soweth… released by Marvel on December 1990

The Grim Reaper awakens, now in ZOMBIE form!

The Reaper and The Robot: Part One

The Grim Reaper is revived from the dead as a zombie thanks to Nekra, who learned the zombification process by watching Black Talon. Nekra informs The Grim Reaper that for him to stay as a zombie, he has to kill someone every twenty-four hours with his scythe. To test that, the Grim Reaper decides to kill Nekra right in the cemetery. The Grim Reaper then goes to a cult meeting in Los Angeles, a cult that worships death, and he begins to kill them. A woman from the cult survives and flees to the street, pleading for help, and gets the attention of Wonder Man and a de-powered Scarlet Witch, who were on a date in a Mexican restaurant named Taco Loco. Wonder Man immediately realizes that the person who assaulted this woman, and the cult, is his brother, the Grim Reaper, so he and the Scarlet Witch go down to investigate. The Grim Reaper is able to escape, with Wonder Man vowing that he will stop him. Meanwhile, the Wasp and Hank Pym go on a trip to see if they can rekindle their relationship. They get a flat tire on their rental car and stop at a house on a back-road to ask for help. The couple begin to burn up and then the house explodes, which prompts the Wasp and Hank Pym to return to Los Angeles, to the West Coast Avenges compound. Unbeknown to them, Ultron-XIII is watching this whole transaction on a screen in some secret hideout.

Avengers West Coast #65 (Marvel)

Roy Thomas
Dann Thomas

Paul Ryan

Danny Bulanadi

Bob Sharen

Bill Oakley

Howard Mackie