Protectors #20 (May 1994)
Protectors 20 May 1994

Protectors #20 – Worlds Without End released by Malibu on May 1994.

The Protectors finally battle against the Great Question, Mr. Monday and the Steel Army. The Great Question prevails triumphant, but his powers are even too great for him. He created portals to other dimensions on Earth to wreak havoc, but they proved too much and they sucked up the Earth, breaking it apart. The Earth explodes, killing everyone and the Protectors died as they lived, as heroes.

Writer: R.A. Jones
Penciler: Willie Peppers
Inker: Scott Reed
Colorist: Barry Gregory
Letterer: Tim Eldred
Editor: Roland Mann
Publisher: Malibu Comics
Cover Price: $2.50
Current Near-Mint Pricing: $2.50