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The Spectacular Spider-Man #69 - In Darkness Seldom Seen! released by Marvel on August 1982
The Spectacular <a href=httpswwwcomicbookaddictscom202406flint marko june 111963 this day in comics>Spider Man<a> 69 In Darkness Seldom Seen released by <a href=httpswwwcomicbookaddictscom202012marvel legends series marvels firestar>Marvel<a> on August 1982

The Spectacular Spider-Man #69 – In Darkness Seldom Seen! released by Marvel on August 1982

Cloak and Dagger are back and have resumed their vigilante war on drugs. Their quest has taken them to an abandoned elementary school, where the two murder a number of drug dealers that are stationed there. Meanwhile, Spider-Man visits his old childhood home where he reflects on the death of his Uncle Ben but leaves when he hears police sirens and decides to follow them.

This brings Spider-Man to the scene where Cloak and Dagger have murdered the drug dealers. Finding Cloak and Dagger at the scene, he confronts them which leads to a battle where he learns that their next target is Silvermane. Spider-Man is easily defeated by the combined power of Cloak and Dagger, who depart after incapacitating the wall-crawler.

The next day, Peter struggles with his classes and the fact that he lost his teacher’s assistant position. When Marcy tries to talk to him about the conflict Peter had with Biff, Peter brushes her off and leaves as Spider-Man. Trying to learn the location of Silvermane to try and protect him, Spider-Man comes to a dead end asking Jean DeWolff for assistance. He eventually decides to go to the Kingpin for help, who openly turns over the address of Silvermane’s current location.

There, Spider-Man arrives just as Cloak and Dagger do, who intend to murder Silvermane who is confined to a deathbed. Spider-Man tries to defend the crippled crime lord but fails, and Dagger seemingly kills Silvermane with one of her light daggers. Cloak and Dagger leave Spider-Man alone with the seemingly dead Silvermane.

Glynis Wein
Ed Hannigan
Joe Rosen

Script Writer
Bill Mantlo


Tom DeFalco

Cover Price

Page Count
36 pages

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