DC Comics: Superman/Batman #1 (2003)

The never ending battle begins in Metropolis with Metallo attacking Star Labs for reasons unknown. After blasting Superman with a dose of Kryptonite from his heart, Metallo flees informing Superman that nothing will stop him from “putting an end to it”.

The scene switches to Gotham City Cemetery where Batman investigates multiple graves that have been desecrated. Superman interrupts and tells Batman that he’s looking for John Corben whose metal body is breaking down. He’s in Gotham City looking for the remains of his human body. Superman tries to tell him more about Corben’s past when he and Batman are attacked by Metallo, who is carrying his coffin.

During the fight, Metallo shoots Superman with a bullet made from Kryptonite. Superman falls into one of the open graves while Batman uses an explosive to blown Metallo apart. While Metallo slowly reconfigures, Batman tries to extract the bullet from Superman’s chest but can’t before Metallo buries them alive.

Meanwhile at the Pentagon in Washington D.C., President Lex Luthor is being briefed by Captain Atom on a gigantic asteroid the size of Brazil composed of Kryptonite that is headed for Earth. Fearing radiation poisoning from the asteroid, Atom recommends informing Superman to which Luthor declines, insisting that the government will handle it. “Given the countless times Superman has saved us all, isn’t it time we return the favor?”, Luthor states to Captain Atom, Major Force and a number of mysterious figures obscured in shadow.

Superman/Batman Vol 1 1

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