Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying
Batman A Lonely Place of Dying

Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying (1989)

A Lonely Place of Dying is a Batman storyline written by Marv Wolfman with illustrations by George Perez and Jim Aparo. Published in 1989 as a crossover between Batman and New Titans, the story introduces Tim Drake, who becomes the third Robin following the death of Jason Todd in A Death in the Family.

Year Published: 1989
Featured Characters: Batman, Nightwing, Tim Drake, Joker

Traumatized by the death of Jason Todd, Batman begins a brutal quest for retribution. Deducing the connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman as well as the repercussions that the murder are having on him, Tim Drake seeks out Dick Grayson in a desperate attempt to reunite the Dynamic Duo.