DC Comics To Continue Omega Men For At Least 12 Issues Thanks To Fan Support

Omega Men, one of a half-dozen DC Comics titles set to be cancelled over the next three months, will live on thanks to fans on the Internet.

Today on Twitter, DC Comics co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio revealed that they have reconsidered the title’s cancellation and will honor the original twelve-issue commitment to the creative team.

The series, which hails from Grayson writer Tom King (whose response you can see embedded above), was expected to be cancelled with #7 in December. When the DC You publishing initiative launched in June, the idea was that each of the new titles would get at least 12 issues unless otherwise noted.

Both Doomed and Green Lantern: Lost Army will get just six issues each before being cancelled, ending in November. DC Comics’ official position is that Green Lantern: Lost Army was a miniseries, although that wasn’t originally announced. Omega Men was the only other DC You title on the chopping block for the rest of 2015.

Omega Men

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