Marvel Plans Campaign To Promote ‘All-New All-Different’ Second Issues

Relaunching your entire line means all-new #1s for Marvel, but a new initiative by the publisher looks to garner added interest to an overlooked part of relaunches: the second issues. The New York-based company has announced its “Issue #2 Promotional Program,” promising retailers an extra push in terms of promotion and marketing to help diminish the large drop-off in sales typically seen after first issues.

If the cliffhangers at the end of the first issues weren’t enough, Marvel is promising “added publicity, web advertising and web skins” for all of the follow-up issues, including a full-page ad in the final pages of its first issue for the next issue.

Marvel’s line-wide “All-New All-Different” relaunch begins in October.

Marvel Plans Campaign To Promote 'All-New All-Different' Second Issues

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