DC Comics: Hawkworld [Mini-Series] (1989)

This three-issue mini-series of graphic novels remakes the legend of Hawkman. It begins on Hawkman’s home planet of Thanagar (“Hawkworld”). There, young Katar Hol has joined the Wingmen, the planet’s flying police force. Although born into the ruling elite, Katar was not content to idle away at an easy job in the “Upside.” As a Wingman, he sees firsthand what price others have paid for Thanagar’s prosperity.

In the “Downside,” a collection of conquered races slave away at menial jobs, or else simply die from disease by the thousands. The Wingmen are constantly called upon to root out the rebellious elements. After taking part in several such bloody raids, Katar begins rethinking what his planet has done to others…and wonders whether he’s fighting on the right side in this struggle.


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