The Image Comics Influence (1992)

The Image Comics Influence (1992)

Why Comics Sucked During The ’90s

Image Comics is currently known for some of the best books in the industry, including The Walking Dead, Chew, and Who is Jake Ellis?, but during the dark decade the company was responsible for some of the most shallow and ugly stories in all of comics. After creators such as Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane left Marvel in the ’90s, they started Image as a haven for renegade artists to practice their craft on their own original characters. Here’s the thing: None of these people could write, and most of their art wasn’t even worthy of being hung on our refrigerator.

Youngblood #1 (Issue)

The Image art featured women with breasts the size of basketballs and men with muscles so big that Schwarzenegger looked like Stephen Hawking in comparison. There was no subtlety or storytelling behind the art and titles like Witchblade,Spawn, and Youngblood were prime examples of the Image philosophy of flash over substance. Gone was the atmospheric art of the ’80s and in its place were over-the-top visuals that looked like they was drawn by an art school dropout on a sugar rush.

At first this artistic movement was seen as unique and daring, but people soon realized that there was no value behind Image’s hideous style and the company was forced to rethink its strategy. Unfortunately the damage had already been done because it seemed like every artist in the business was copying this style in hopes of striking it big.

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