The All New Iron Man #173 (@Marvel)

The All New Iron Man #173 (@Marvel)

A group of muggers came across Tony Stark who was still drinking from the last issue. The muggers beat him up only to be stopped by a couple of guys. These guys took Tony, get him dressed in a tux, and dropped him off Stane International where Obadiah Stane showed off the new ‘Stane’ sign to him and the other workers. Stane privately offered Iron Man a chance for Tony to be sober by rescuing Indries Moomji. Since she had driven him to becoming an alcoholic, she could help reverse it. Stane ordered everyone, especially Stark off his property.

Depressed, Tony started to walk away when Rhodey caught up to him and carried him to his mother’s place in Philadelphia.

After that, Rhodey flew off and fought the Sisters of Istar and got Moomji. It was then revealed that she was not a prisoner but she had escaped Stane’s clutches. She had also not cast any spells on Tony to make him an alcoholic but he had become one on his own. Much to his regret, Rhodey let her go on her own.

After telling Stane that he had finally lost, Rhodey called his Mother only to find out that Tony had left the house after drinking some cooking wine and disappeared.

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