[Classic] Marvel Comics Daredevil #48

Marvel Comics Daredevil #48 – “Farewell to Foggy!”

[Classic] Marvel Comics Daredevil #48

Issue(s): Daredevil #48
Published Date: Jan 68
Title: “Farewell to Foggy!”
Stan Lee – Writer
Gene Colan – Penciler
George Klein – Inker


As Foggy Nelson enters the final race for the District Attorney’s office, Karen Page has returned because she cannot stay away from Matt and the two rekindle their romance.

During the election race, Daredevil learns that Stilt-Man has been hired to make an attempt on Foggy’s life, and so battles him as Daredevil. Although Stilt-Man manages to escape, Daredevil prevents him from bringing harm to Foggy. Soon afterwards, Foggy is elected D.A., leaving Matt to wonder what to do with his law career now that his partner is the new D.A.

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