[Classic] Superman/Batman #8 (@DCComics)

After the catacylsmic events of Superman/Batman #6, Batman discovers something strange and mysterious on the bottom of Gotham Bay…and it looks like a girl. Will she battle on the side of good…or evil?

Superman/Batman #8

Superman/Batman #8

Following the events of the previous issue, Superman (depressed at being the last Kryptonian) is confined to the Fortress of Solitude while everyone else deals with the aftermath. Batman is getting irritated as Superman continually tries to persuade him to let him join in, to no avail. Batman is searching for meteor fragments beneath Gotham harbour when he comes upon a spaceship that has only been there for a week or two. While he examines it, a naked blonde girl comes out of the water, enters the Batboat and makes off with it. Alerted by an automatic warning, Batman pursues and catches up shortly after it crashes into a pier. Near the warehouses, three dock workers see the girl approach. She speaks some other language- Kryptonian. Not understanding her, one of the men reaches out to her. She grabs his hand and squeezes his fingers, mangling them. One of his friends speaks up in the man’s defence, and comes at the girl with a crowbar of some sort. The girl pushes him back several metres, shattering the crates he lands on, and bends the crowbar out of shape. In Kryptonian, she warned the men off, and then asks what is happening to her. The third man gives her his coat and she leaves, shortly before Batman arrives. The girl runs through the streets in confusion. A car crashes into her, leaving it smashed and when a red traffic light catches her attention, she accidentally blows it up with heat vision. The police arrive and open fire as she explodes one of the police cars’ engine. Running away, she takes flight. making it to the top of a building, she is confronted by Batman. Trying to escape and avoid hurting anyone, she crashes into an automated dirigible and sends it plummeting towards the city as she falls through a glass roof. Batman calls Superman to direct the dirigible into the harbour, then catches up with the girl, who is now in tears. Unable to understand that she doesn’t mean any harm, Batman knocks her out with a chunk of kryptonite. In the Batcave, scans indicate the girl’s planet of origin as Krypton. She wakes up and causes some damage, before Superman intervenes, and finds out that she’s his cousin: Kara Zor-El.

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