Savage Dragon

Savage Dragon (Image Comics)

Erik created the Dragon as a kid, heavily influenced by characters such as Captain Marvel, Batman and Speed Racer. For years he drew and stapled his own comics just for himself until the character finally saw his first public appearance in the self-published Graphic Fantasy #1 in June 1982.

In 1986 the slightly revised character returned as “Savage Dragon” in the pages of Gary Carlson’s Megaton #3.

When Erik Larsen left Marvel Comics in 1992 to become co-founder of Image Comics he published a three-issue mini-series featuring his redesigned childhood creation the Dragon. Based on the huge success, Larsen released the ongoing title in 1993 and has worked on it as writer, penciller and inker ever since (sometimes even coloring and lettering). The book is largely considered the longest running full-color comic book that has featured a single writer and artist.

Savage Dragon

The Dragon is a large, humanoid character with green skin and a disproportionately large upper body and arms. He has fangs, two toes on each foot and a fin on his head. He has immense strength and healing abilities, is an expert marksman and speaks various languages.