Transformers vs. The Terminator
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Transformers Vs. The Terminator Crossover Announced For 2020

This is definitely an all-time matchup and one that should produce some amazing action sequences as Terminators take on your favorite Autobots and Decepticons, and hopefully, we’ll get to see more from this crossover soon

TRANSFORMERS VS. THE TERMINATOR brings together three longtime TRANSFORMERS contributors (writers David Mariotte and John Barber, and artist Alex Milne) with writer Tom Waltz (fresh off his celebrated 100-issue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles run) for an epic crossover that revisits the concepts of alien invasion and time-traveling resistance fighters… but twists them in unexpected ways!

Transformers vs. The Terminator,

IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics’ are teaming up for a brand new crossover event series titled Transformers vs. The Terminator, where the two big-time properties will face off for the first time. The new four-issue series will be written by David Mariotte, John Barber, and Tom Waltz, with art by Alex Milne