1986 – Anatomy Of A Cover – Booster Gold #2 (@DCComics)

Booster Gold #2 – Cold Redemption released by DC Comics on March 1986

Booster faces Blackguard and his partner in crime, Mindancer (not to mention getting lambasted by the media), in “Cold Redemption.”

This issue stars with Cindy Miles of WGBS reporting on the defeat of Booster Gold by the villain Mindancer. Minddancer hits Booster with a Psyblast that knocks him out and completely disables him long enough for her to get away with a satellite guidance system from S.T.A.R. Labs. Booster comes to with the help of Dr. Kylburn. Unfortunately for Booster this was all caught on television and is making him look like less than a stellar hero. This looks even worse because this happens in Metropolis Superman’s home town.

Mindancer takes the satellite guidance system back to her employers the 1000. Their leader tells Mindancer to go and break Blackguard out of prison. He feels Blackguard has failed too many times and must be punished. Meanwhile Booster takes his defeat hard. In another part on town Thorn is looking for the 1000. She even beats up three hoods to get the information she’s looking for.

The next day Booster is filming a cereal commercial called flakies. “They’re Boosterific!” The commercial coincidentally is being filmed at the local prison when Mindancer and Blackguard break out. Things go a lot better for Booster this time until Blackguard hits Skeets with an energy mace and there is a big explosion. This is when the issue ends.

Trixie a.k.a Goldstar is also in this issue as Trixe

Booster Gold #2 – Cold Redemption released by DC Comics on March 1986

Written by:
Dan Jurgens

Dan Jurgens

Mike DeCarlo

Colored by:
Tom Ziuko

Cover by:
Dan Jurgens