Comics' Greatest World: Steel Harbor #4 - Motorhead (Dark Horse Comics)

Comics’ Greatest World: Steel Harbor #4 – Motorhead released by Dark Horse Comics on August 22, 1993

Frank Fletcher has something in his head — The Motor — that makes him off-the-scale powerful — and dangerous. You see, Frank hears voices, voices that tell him to use his power, something Frank just doesn’t want to do. Nobody tells Frank Fletcher what to do, and so the power grows within him, threatening to reach a cataclysmic critical mass. The battle between Wolf Gang and the Prime Movers, however, just might get Frank’s attention — and the attention of Motorhead can make a hurricane seem like a cool summer breeze!

Chris Warner

Vince Giarrano

Clem Robins

James Sinclair

Randy Stradley & Jennie Bricker

Cover Artist:
Vince Giarrano

Genre: Superhero, Action/Adventure

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics