DC One Million 80-Page Giant Vol 1 1000000

DC One Million 80-Page Giant Vol 1 1000000

Set in the 853rd century from DC One Million, several stories explore and continue the universe presented in the event:

  • Superman Prime welcomes Atom, the last survivor of his universe to his new home.
  • Superboy and Impulse work to resurrect Robin.
  • Aquaman deals with the secrets of Neptune.
  • The Legion of Executive Familiars (composed by Krypto-9, Octus, Wormhole and Solaris Solar Dogs) debate to accept a new member, the Infinite Mouse.
  • Superman and Batman goes under cover to capture their most dangerous enemies.
  • The Justice Legion A must deal with the invasion from a parallel universe.

Executive Editor
Mike Carlin

Cover Artists
Val Semeiks
Prentis Rollins
Lee Loughridge

Mark Millar

Mike Wieringo

Richard Case

Felix Serrano

Tim Harkins

Maureen McTigue

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