Transformers: Generation 1 #3

Transformers: Generation 1 #3 – Skyfire released by Dreamwave Productions on March 1, 2004

Because you, the fans, demanded it, Transfan-fave JETFIRE returns to the pages of G1 courtesy of the villainous STARSCREAM, who has, out of fear for his own life, formed an uneasy alliance with the AUTOBOTS. But is the combination of the AUTOBOTS’ courage, JETFIRE’S intelligence, and STARSCREAM’S conniving enough to thwart the super-powered zealot SUNSTORM from destroying both the Earth and CYBERTRON?!

James McDonough (Comic Writer)
Don Figueroa (Comic Artist)
Elaine To (Comic Inks)
Espen Grundetjern (Comic Colors)
Rob Ruffolo (Comic Colors)
Ben Lee (Comic Letters)