Eternals: The Herod Factor #1 (Marvel) - Classic
Eternals Herod Factor 1991 1

Eternals : The Herod Factor #1 – The Herod Factor released by Marvel on November 1991

Giant-sized spectacular! Across the Earth, teenage twins are being murdered, kicking off a prophecy that heralds the destruction of the race of Eternals.

Deviant society is in chaos after an uprising, and Thena and Kro’s children become targets of the fury of the Deviants. It becomes a race against time as the Eternals rush to rescue them. And the real villain is someone unexpected.

Eternals: The Herod Factor #1 – The Herod Factor released by Marvel on November 1991

Written by
Dann Thomas
Roy Thomas

Art by
Mark Texeira

Cover by
Mark Texeira

The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity gifted with amazing powers and abilities to look after the human race throughout the ages. One million years ago, the Celestials created one hundred Eternals, and left. Since then, they’ve lived secluded on Earth, rarely interfering and, when they perish, they are simply reborn.

All Eternals possess the capacity for superhuman strength, telepathy, flight, teleportation, illusion-casting, transmutation of organic and inorganic matter, and the generation of various forms of energy from their bodies, including force, heat, light, and other electromagnetic radiation. Some Eternals have devoted themselves to specializing in a particular facet of their powers, and can increase their proficiency in one area by decreasing their power in another.