Amazing Adventures #6 (Marvel) – Anatomy of A Cover (1980)

Amazing Adventures #6
Amazing Adventures 6

Amazing Adventures #6 (Marvel) – Anatomy of A Cover

Art by: John Byrne, Joe Rubinstein and Irv Watanabe
Release Date – February 26, 1980

Reprint of the 1st story from X-Men #3

Professor Xavier interrupts the X-Men’s latest training session to inform them that he has mentally detected a new mutant nearby. The X-Men find the mutant known as the Blob working at a carnival. They invite the Blob into the school so that Professor Xavier can test his powers. Afterwards, Professor Xavier invites the Blob to join the X-Men, but he refuses. In an attempt to maintain the X-Men’s secret identities, Professor Xavier tries to mind-wipe the Blob, but he is able to escape.

Later the Blob returns with the other carnival people and begins to attack the school. The X-Men are able to hold off the carnival people long enough for Professor Xavier to use a thought intensifier to erase the carnival people’s memories, including de-facto leader the Blob.