Master Darque (September 8, 1992) This Day In Comics

Master Darque first appeared in Shadowman #8 (September 8, 1992).

Little is known about Master Darque. He was born in 1802, and soon delved the Black Arts. He became apprentice to sorcerer Anton Quigley. Quigley, with his arcane knowledge, and Darque, whose earthly frame held necromantic energy were well prepared to wreak havoc upon the law-abiding universe. Quigley, upon meeting Darque’s sister, Sandria, instantly wanted her for his own dark pleasures. He made a pact with Darque to teach him all he knew, in exchange for Sandria.

As Darque learned sorcery, the formulas tattooed themselves on his body from the inside out, completely covering him with evil writing. As his body became saturated with the spells, so too did that of his sister, since whatever happens to Darque happens to Sandria. When Quigley tried to take pleasure from Sandria, her kiss burned him with the dark energies which inhabited her body and those of her brother. Quigley tried to kill her, only to have Darque revive her with his own blood. Quigley was later killed by Shadowman.

After Darque learned the secrets Quigley had to offer him, he quickly surpassed his old master in the Black Arts. He used this extensive knowledge in sorcery and magic to prolong his life, as well as that of his sister. In recent years, Darque’s necromantic powers have blossomed to horrific new extents, as though some new source of death-energy had arrived in the world.

He may be the most powerful villain in the comics’ fictional universe, responsible for the creation of several others.