Sanderson “Sandy” Hawkins (October 30, 1941) This Day In Comics
Sanderson Sandy Hawkins <a href=httpswwwcomicbookaddictscom202309hunt for the skinwalker 2 boom studios first look>October<a> 30 1941 <a href=httpswwwcomicbookaddictscom202309bishop 1981 this day in comics>This Day In Comics<a>

Sanderson “Sandy” Hawkins, formerly known as Sandy the Golden Boy, Sands, Sand and eventual successor of his mentor Wesley Dodds as Sandman, first appeared in Adventure Comics #59 (October 30, 1941). Throughout the earliest part of his career, Sandy Hawkins was the protégé of the Golden Age Sandman. As such, his skills were centered around Asian martial arts and criminology skills learned from the elder hero. After being exposed to the silicon radiation, Sand’s body was altered in ways yet to be fully determined. He possessed the ability to alter forms from human to silicon, could move through earth-based objects, and could absorb and release seismic energy and travel along fault-lines.

In his later career as Sand, he used the Sandman’s gear, then acquired new powers. He debuted in Adventure Comics #69 (October 30, 1941).

Adventure Comics #69 (October 30, 1941)
Adventure Comics 69 October 30 1941