Numb Smashes to the Fore In Our Next SAVE NOW Character Profile!
Numb Smashes to the Fore In Our Next SAVE NOW Character Profile

Meet the next member of Integrity International, the task force fighting alongside Saver in the upcoming SAVE NOW comics event!

New York Times bestseller Matt Kindt (BRZRKR) and pulse-pounding artist Tomás Giorello (X-O MANOWAR) have spent years honing their craft and bent their minds and prodigious talents to crafting a superhero epic like no other.

SAVE NOW is the story of a man who can ‘save’ any point in his life and return to it, reliving his life from that moment forward with the ability to change his actions. But with great power, also comes great pain. He is cursed with only being able to travel backwards, never forwards, and is burdened by having to spend his relived life in real time. Travel back 6 days, and he must relive those days in full, all the while, aging in real time.

Hinted at in the pages of BAD IDEA B-Sides this epic event is coming to Kickstarter. Follow our campaign prelaunch page to be notified when it launches!

Our introduction to the cast of characters from this unprecedented series continues with a profile of Saver’s most steadfast ally, Numb.

Numb Smashes to the Fore In our Next SAVE NOW Character Profile!