Mister Fear (Zoltan Drago)
Mister Fear Zoltan Drago

Zoltan Drago was the proprietor of a financially ailing wax museum who attempted to use his knowledge of chemistry to create an elixir which would turn his wax statues into living creatures, with which he would create a private army. The chemical failed to create life in wax, but Drago discovered the brew he had created could evoke fear in those who inhaled it.

Mister Fear (Zoltan Drago) (December 3, 1964) - This Day In Comics
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Designing a frightening costume for himself, Drago became Mister Fear. Zoltan Drago who first appeared in Daredevil #6 (December 3, 1964). Fear used his fear-gas to make terrified slaves of the brutish Ox of the Enforcers and the Eel. Naming his triumvirate the Fellowship of Fear, Drago ran afoul of, and was soundly defeated by Daredevil and imprisoned. He was later killed by Machinesmith (Samuel ‘Starr’ Saxon) in New York City.