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Marvel’s ‘Acts of Vengeance’ is nearly the publisher’s first linewide crossover event (different from crossovers like Atlantis Attacks or Evolutionary War that stuck to Annual issues), applying a never before seen super villain team-up to all Marvel Comics from late 1989 into early 1990.

Unlike later Marvel events, there isn’t much to the core story of ‘Acts of Vengeance,’ but instead it’s a conceptual look at Marvel heroes versus villains they hadn’t faced before, or that typically fell out side their rogues gallery. So for example, we see Spider-Man vs. Graviton, Daredevil vs. Ultron, and the Incredible Hulk vs. the Grey Gargoyle.

There is a fair amount of flexibility with Acts of Vengeance, as the stories often stand alone, simply tied together by the villains conspiring against the heroes.

The Acts of Vengeance are here, and no hero is left untouched! Witness one of the most unexpected battles of all time! Wolverine vs. Tiger Shark! Dr. Strange vs. Hobgoblin! The Punisher vs. Dr. Doom! Daredevil vs. Ultron! Power Pack vs. Typhoid Mary! And while the Fantastic Four fight against the passing of a Super Hero Registration Act, Psylocke is changed forever at the hands of Mojo!

Loki’s schemes play out as an array of heroes face unfamiliar enemies! The Fantastic Four take on an army of foes during a congressional hearing! The gray Hulk battles the Grey Gargoyle! The Punisher takes aim at Bushwhacker and Doctor Doom – then joins Moon Knight to face Flag-Smasher and Ultimatum! Daredevil fights outside his weight class against Ultron while Power Pack grapples with Typhoid Mary! And Hobgoblin, the Enchantress and Arkon spell trouble for Doctor Strange! Luckily, Damage Control is around to pick up the pieces!