Atlantis Attacks - Marvel
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Atlantis Attacks – Marvel (1989)

Under the influence of Set the Serpent God, the Atlanteans launch a massive assault on the surface world.

Year Published: 1989
Featured Characters: Avengers, Fantastic Four, New Mutants, Spider-Man

Evil undersea monarchs Ghaur and Llyra are determined to bring the elder god Set to Earth, and no one on the surface world will stop them! War is waged between Atlantis and Marvel’s mightiest super-teams including the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and solos heroes like Spider-Man and the Punisher!

Atlantis Attacks - Marvel
Atlantis Attacks Marvel

As a multiple-part event, largely containing longer chapters, Atlantis Attacks can be considered a major event. The storyline ran through the majority of Marvel’s 1989 annuals, impacting numerous characters in the Marvel Universe. All essential chapters are marked with an asterisk *.

New Mutants #76 (tie-in)
Silver Surfer Annual #2[1/7] * (also see THE KREE-SKRULL WAR II)
Iron Man Annual #10[1/4] * (also see HEARTBEATEN)
Iron Man Annual #102/4
Avengers West Coast Annual #44/5
Marvel Comics Presents #264/4
Iron Man Annual #103/4
X-Men Annual #13[1/3]
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23[1/7]
Punisher Annual #2[1/4]
Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9[1/5]
Daredevil Annual #5[1/5] (misnumbered #4, sometimes referred to as #4B)
Avengers Annual #18[1/4]
West Coast Avengers #52 (tie-in)
New Mutants Annual #5[1/3] (also see HOME!)
X-Factor Annual #4[1/4]
Web of Spider-Man Annual #5[1/7]
Avengers West Coast Annual #4[1/5]
Thor Annual #14[1/6]
Fantastic Four Annual #22[1/5]