DC Announces ‘Batman and Robin: Year One’ by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

DC Announces 'Batman and Robin: Year One' by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee
Batman and Robin Year One 1 Main Samnee


Waid and Samnee’s definitive tale of Batman and Robin’s early adventures begins October 16!

DC Comics today announced a new 12-issue comic book series, Batman and Robin: Year One, by storytellers Mark Waid (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, Kingdom Come) and Chris Samnee (Daredevil). The adventures kick off on Wednesday, October 16, when the first issue of the new series hits shelves at participating local comic book shops!

In Batman and Robin: Year One, while Bruce Wayne adjusts to the realities of adopting orphan Dick Grayson, a mysterious new crime boss called the General has come to Gotham to claim the city by disrupting and destroying its other mobs. But what is his connection to Two-Face? Batman and his new sidekick, Robin, are out for answers, but it’ll take everything they have to navigate both sides of their relationship as father and son and dynamic duo, with Dick Grayson’s present and future hanging in the balance!

“While Batman and Robin are the stars of this tale and get most of the panel time, at its heart, this isn’t a Batman/Robin story, it’s a Bruce/Dick story,” said Mark Waid. “It takes place only a month or two after Bruce adopted Dick, and it’s sinking in for Bruce that he has no idea how to be a father to a kid that age. He has no role model—his own father was long dead by the time he was Dick’s age. Nothing he’s ever done has prepared him for this, and Alfred—wise as he is—doesn’t have much experience here either.”

“Dick is everything Bruce is not—impetuous, flamboyant, reckless,” said Chris Samnee. “But he’s also precise; he can stick a landing. He’ll take orders when they make sense to him, but he’s keen to improvise, testing his role within the Dynamic Duo. The first pages you’ll see will showcase how they’ll be acting, and reacting, as they adventure out into Gotham City on patrol together. We’re so excited for this story to finally be told.”