Legends was a comic book crossover story

Legends was a comic book crossover story line that ran through a six-issue, self-titled limited series and various other titles published by DC Comics in 1986 and 1987.

The epic DC 1986-87 sequel to the landmark Crisis on Infinite Earths!

DC Comics of the 1980s

Darkseid and the Phantom Stranger debate the nature of humanity. Darkseid vows to make humanity forsake its heroes. The Phantom Stranger vows to stop him.

Legends re-establishes heroism in the new singular DC Universe. It also reintroduces Wonder Woman, relaunched in her own re-numbered title by George Perez; Firestorm is revamped, and the stage is set for the “International” era of the Justice League is launched.

Legends featured the writing talents of John Ostrander, along with the artistry of John Byrne and inker Karl Kesel.