Werewolf by Night: Werewolf

Werewolf by Night was released today and I gotta say, this show was amazing. Honestly, I think this is what MCU Phase 4 should have been and I am excited to see what Phase 5 does with these characters. But the show was beautifully shot, it’s self-contained and if you know as much about the comics as I do, you know that there are some amazing references and Easter eggs to the comics. For example, did you know Man-Thing exists because of Captain America? Let me know what you thought about Werewolf by Night in the comments below!

▸ What is Werewolf by Night: Werewolf by Night is an American television special for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Werewolf by Night was released on October 7, 2022, by Disney+, as part of Phase Four of the MCU. The special received positive reviews from critics, with praise for its use of practical effects, the black-and-white cinematography, performances (particularly Bernal and Donnelly), Giacchino’s direction and score, and its story, with many noting its departure from previous MCU media, though some criticized its short runtime and characters.

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