Cosmic Odyssey #2 (DC Comics)

Cosmic Odyssey #2 – Book Two: Disaster released by DC Comics on 1988

Superman and Orion are sent to Thangar and run up against a sky full of angry Hawk people; Batman and Forager are sent to Earth; Lightray and Starfire meet Adam Strange on Rann and try to track down the Equation Bomb; J’Onn and John are sent to Xanshi, and thanks to GL’s arrogance, the planet is destroyed by the Anit-Life Bomb. To battle the Anti-Life Equation, Jason Blood becomes The Demon again.

Jim Starlin

Mike Mignola

Carlos Garzón

Steve Oliff

John Workman

Mike Carlin

Cosmic Odyssey was a four issue miniseries written by Jim Starlin with art by Mike Mignola. Darkseid and Highfather call on Earth’s heroes to defeat a sentient Anti-Life Equation that threatens four planets.