Spellbinder (October 27, 1966) This Day In Comic
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Spellbinder, Delbert Billings, first appeared in Detective Comics #358 (October 27, 1966).

Spellbinder, Delbert Billings, first appeared in Detective Comics #358 (October 27, 1966).
Spellbinder Delbert Billings first appeared in Detective Comics 358 October 27 1966

He was a painter who used optical illusions and hypnotic weapons to commit crimes.

Delbert was a forger of pop art who decided to put his talents to use as a supervillain. He created the Spellbinder identity, designed hypnotic weapons and assembled a team of henchmen. He ran into Batman II during his first robbery, but Spellbinder hypnotized the crimefighter into believing he was involved in an entirely different situation, and his gang made their getaway. This ploy worked twice, but on his third robbery Batman was able to overcome it and send him to jail.

After leaving prison Delbert also faced off with Superman in Superman 330 (1978). Using a miniature turntable he was able to create sonic blasts which would make targets more suseptable to his hypnotic suggestions. The addition of a shock absorbing chin-guard to his helmet protected him from being knocked out by Superman and special lenses protected him from hypnosis by the Man of Steel. He was finally defeated when his own sonic blasts where echoed back on him (rendering him unconscious). This issue also revealed how Superman uses sub-conscious hypnosis (heightened by the Kryptonian lenses in his glasses) to successfully disguise himself as Clark Kent.