Injustice League (DC Comics) Villains

Injustice League (DC Comics) Villains
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Injustice League (DC Comics) Villains

Injustice League are a series of unrelated villainous counterparts to the Justice League. Their original team was formed by Agamemno during The Silver Age.

The original Injustice League was formed by Agamemno with the aid of Kanjar-Ro. Bored of his dominion, Agamemno sets out to conquer Earth and the League.

Around the same time, the planetary conqueror created a mind-switch that lets him switch minds with the Justice League of America. However, their plans are foiled by the Green Lantern Corps’ Central Battery in Oa and the Absorbascon.

The villains who swapped bodies with the League are now aware of their enemies’ real identity. The Justice League then used an H-Dial to morph their form into that of a different superhero, then using the Green Lantern’s rings to remove the knowledge of villains regarding each of the League’s minds.

Major Disaster led his own version of the team to fight Justice League International, although they were deputized by Maxwell Lord as Justice League Antarctica.

The next incarnation of the Injustice League was formed by Lex Luthor, Cheetah and the Joker alongside other archenemies of each superheroes in pursuit of dominating the world.

While the group managed to successfully capture every members of the League, they were eventually freed by Firestorm and fought the Injustice League, emerging victorious and capturing the villains, although some of the remaining Injustice League members managed to escape.

The Injustice League were created by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, first appearing in Justice League International #23. (1989) Historically, the first team called Injustice League of America, wasn’t a DC Comics group, but a team of Dynomutt villains in the 14th episode of his TV show.