Iron Man #168 (Marvel) Comic Covers

Iron Man #168 (Marvel) Classic Comic Covers

Iron Man #168 – The Iron Scream released by Marvel on March 1, 1983 – Classic Comic Covers

Machine Man comes to Tony Stark seeking help. Stark, severely drunk, puts on his Iron Man and attacks Machine Man without asking questions first.

March 01, 1983

Dennis O’Neil

Luke Mcdonnell


Machine Man visits Stark International to speak with Iron Man, whom he suspects is a robot like him. Tony Stark, however, is totally loaded, puts on his armor and attacks Machine Man, who has to constantly protect innocent bystanders from Iron Man’s drunken recklessness. Machine Man repeatedly evades and makes a fool of the (unbeknownst to him) drunken Iron Man before shutting down his armor. Realizing that Iron Man is actually human underneath, Machine Man leaves, thinking to himself that, whoever it is under the armor, “has something profoundly wrong with him.” Afterwards, Tony Stark changes back into his plain clothes and blows off his employees’ concerns about the collateral damage (and injuries) Iron Man caused.

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