Titanium Man (June 18, 1965) This Day In Comics

Titanium Man (June 18, 1965)
Titanium Man June 18 1965

Titanium Man (June 18, 1965) – This Day In Comics

Boris Bullski was born in Makeyevka, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union. He was a KGB-member when he was a young man. An ambitious official of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Boris Bullski was demoted after displeasing his superiors. While working as an administrator of a Siberian labor camp, he commissioned the imprisoned scientists at the camp to build a suit of armor using the lab of Anton Vanko, the creator of the original Crimson Dynamo armor. Seeking to win back the Party’s favor, Bullski conceived the idea of winning a propaganda victory against the West by defeating the American superhero Iron Man. He assigned the scientists to create a powerful suit of titanium armor based on the Iron Man technology, though the inferior resources available to the scientists meant that the armor was twice the size of Iron Man’s. Bullski received permission to issue his challenge and Iron Man accepted, defeating Titanium Man in a battle before a worldwide television audience.

Real Name: Boris Bullski.
Other Aliases: Bullski the Merciless, Boris the Merciless, the Other, the Commander, Bullski the Butcher.
Marital Status: Married – possibly now divorced.
Known Relatives: Unidentified wife, unidentified father.
Group Affiliation: NKVD, former member of the Titanic Three, former leader of the Green Liberation Front, former member of Remont IV, former agent of Half-Face and Thanos.
Base Of Operations: Mobile.
Height: 7’1” (often taller, see above). Weight: 425 lbs (often heavier, see above).
Eyes: Blue Hair: Black, later brown.

Titanium Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense #69 (June 18, 1965).

The Titanium Man was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

Titanium Man (June 18, 1965) - This Day In Comics
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